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Baby Dylan: San Francisco Baby Photographer Milestone Session

I met little Dylan when he was oh so super tiny, and it’s amazing to see how he’s growing into this sweet little boy!  We are doing a First Year Package for him, so that means I’ll get to see him again very soon. I already can’t wait!! For the first year we do 3 sessions within the first year. It’s awesome, since I often get to be one of the first to meet the newborns, and then I don’t have to suffer separation anxiety for too long before I get to see them again. OH, and for the parents it’s pretty cool too ;) At the end of the year we put together a beautiful framed tryptich with one favorite photo from each session.

We choose 3 milestones, which I prefer to measure by the big changes and not necessarily age, and we schedule a session to document each one. At the end of the year Every baby varies a little on when they reach their milestones, but here are some very general guidelines:

Newborn (within 14 days of birth), holding up their heads (2-3mo.), sitting (4-7 mo.), crawling (7-10 mo.), first steps (9-12 mo.)

There are different ways to put together a first year package. Please contact the studio for a complimentary consultation and we can discuss what would work best for you!

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