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San Francisco Family Portrait Session

This shoot was a special treat. I photographed Lauren & Lewis’s wedding in 2009 and it was so great to catch up with them and meet their amazing kids. Scheduling a shoot in San Francisco is always a gamble- you never know what the weather will bring. Coming from Potrero Hill where it was bright and sunny, I was worried that we were going to have too much sun (leading to harsh shadows). In true SF fashion, by the time I arrived at Ocean Beach it was covered in a light blanket of fog. We had just enough cloud coverage to filter out the sun’s harsh rays and enough sun shone through to create a nice soft light. It was just a blast to run around with these sweet kids. At the end of the shoot little Ella said to her mom “Mommy, Adi is really funny!” As far as I’m concerned that’s success right there!

Baby Dylan: San Francisco Baby Photographer Milestone Session

I met little Dylan when he was oh so super tiny, and it’s amazing to see how he’s growing into this sweet little boy!  We are doing a First Year Package for him, so that means I’ll get to see him again very soon. I already can’t wait!! For the first year we do 3 sessions within the first year. It’s awesome, since I often get to be one of the first to meet the newborns, and then I don’t have to suffer separation anxiety for too long before I get to see them again. OH, and for the parents it’s pretty cool too ;) At the end of the year we put together a beautiful framed tryptich with one favorite photo from each session.

We choose 3 milestones, which I prefer to measure by the big changes and not necessarily age, and we schedule a session to document each one. At the end of the year Every baby varies a little on when they reach their milestones, but here are some very general guidelines:

Newborn (within 14 days of birth), holding up their heads (2-3mo.), sitting (4-7 mo.), crawling (7-10 mo.), first steps (9-12 mo.)

There are different ways to put together a first year package. Please contact the studio for a complimentary consultation and we can discuss what would work best for you!

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