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wedding love

“Adi these are incredibly gorgeous! Thank you! Everyone at my office just gathered around the desk to gush at how amazing you are! YAY!” “Adi – We were so excited to look at these , both of us hovering over the phone to see!  They are amazing!  Girl – you got talent!  Not only that, but you and your side kick … cool peeps to have floating around at your wedding!  Just a natural to be with, you could be part of the family!  Tobi and I had such a fun day and were so happy to have you there capturing it all.”
“I LOVE the pics you put up. No doubt you were the Perfect choice for a photog! You were amazing. We got so Many compliments (ex: every time something awesome happened there she was!). Thank you for everything!” “Oh YAY–these are so incredible… took us two nights to get through them all because we were savoring each one, and reliving the whole event (and–I kid you not–I looked over at one point, and Tobi totally had a tear running down his cheek because he was so happy when thinking about the day all over again). Thank you so much–we’re so happy that we found you!”
“ I just spent several hours getting a chance to finally look at all the wonderful pictures. It’s going to be hard to choose a few for the album! Thanks again for taking such amazing pictures of our wedding! It was really like re-living the day and we are so excited to have these great memories!” “All I can say is wow and thank you. We are thrilled with the photos. Working with you was a wonderful experience made even better by the results. You are very talented!”